“Every search we deliver unlocks the potential for positive impact alongside financial returns”
Why Sillman Thomas?
Companies and investors are stepping up to the SDGs. Through their business activities, asset allocation and investment decisions, they are playing their part in solving some of the most urgent problems the world is facing.

We are continually developing relationships with the leaders driving this agenda: Building our community of problem solvers, investors, social entrepreneurs, corporate leaders, technology innovators – All focussed on the integration of the SDGs into investment decisions and business strategy to accelerate and scale global impact.

Our distinctive network enables us to
  • Provide invaluable guidance to clients and candidates by sharing our impact trends and insights
  • Accurately communicate the nuances of our client’s positioning to the market
  • Have the depth of knowledge to rigorously assess candidates working in this emerging space
We have had the pleasure of working with Sillman Thomas to build our Executive Board. From a process point and candidate perspective, it felt like Sillman Thomas knew us for a long time.

The team truly collaborated with us which led to an impressive diverse long and short list and ultimately the right candidates. Their style is open and honest and only by partnering like that were we able to find our Directors in such a short timeframe.

– Executive Board Search, Amsterdam

Sillman Thomas approach
The Sillman Thomas Approach
Our vision for growth

As specialists in global impact, we are uniquely placed to offer you a very different career opportunity.

From the recruitment and screening of the candidates to the negotiation, you played so many imperative roles. Each task you performed beautifully. I’m so impressed with your work and profoundly grateful for it. The results speak for themselves: we are so pleased with the outcome!

– CEO Search, Washington DC