Connecting global business strategy and investment to the SDGs


The challenge for business is in incorporating sustainability and impact into their short to long term strategic plans, and in strengthening their ESG engagement.

The focus has been on managing risk rather than value creation. We now see business taking a leadership position in their response to climate change, water scarcity, natural resource depletion, human rights, poverty and economic development.  Measuring impact to guide strategy, investment and engagement is high on the agenda.

We know that the Global Goals could arguably open up an estimated US$12 trillion in market opportunities. This provides a clear business case for companies to use the framework of the SDGs to connect business strategy with global priorities.

We are uniquely placed to manage the key hires needed across strategy, policy and ESG; Leaders with the fluency to engage the Board, the wider business, the finance community and key stakeholders to create competitive advantage

  • Agri, Forestry and Food Systems
  • Consumer, Retail and Hospitality
  • Energy and Extractives
  • Industrials and Chemicals
  • Technology & Professional Services
  • Group Head of Public Affairs | FMCG Multinational
    New York
  • Group Director, Operational Risk and ESG | Commodity Trading House
  • Global Head of Sustainability | Multinational Engineering
  • Group Social Performance | Interim | Oil and Gas
  • Head of Sustainability | Mining | Asset level
    East Africa
  • VP Sustainability & Global Citizenship, Global | Multinational Diversified Hospitality
  • Investor Relations Director | Agri and Industrials Trading Conglomerate
    Asia Pacific
  • Executive Board Build | SDGs Benchmarking Organisation
    London and Amsterdam